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Death Note
Yagami Light × 3
[Doujinshi: A Temporizing Impression]
→ Namikawa Reiji × 3
→ Namikawa Reiji + Midou Shingo × 2


→ Kaiba Seto × 7
→ Ishizu Ishtar × 7
→ Kaiba Seto + Ishizu Ishtar
× 2
→ Siegfried von Schroider × 2
→ Seth × 1
→ Seth + Isis × 3

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
→ Cameron × 4
→ John × 15
→ John + Cameron × 3

It's because it's not simple that I can go on living.Collapse )

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This is the Michel FST that my very darling Ann-Sophie requested on this meme. Michel is a fictional badass vampire that could totally beat up Edward Cullen just by staring at him and willing away the dreadful sparklies vampire from Companions of the Night by Vivian Vande Velde. ♥ I really, really hope you enjoy it, love! ^^ I had a lot of fun with it! =D Duh, of course, it's MICHEL. XD;;


I pick our past up off the floor.Collapse )

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Title: Quite Absurd
Fandom: Death Note
Rating: PG
Characters: Mikami Teru, mentions of Kira and Edward Cullen.
Warnings: Twilight bashing.
Word Count: 100
Author's Note: A drabble for my darling Harley on her birthday! I hope you like it. Clearly, you know where I got the inspiration. XD;

He thought it was quite absurd.Collapse )

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This is the Mikami FST that Lycoris requested on this meme. I had a lot of fun with this one. ♥ Some songs are sort of directed at Light from Mikami's point-of-view, but I hope that's okay? I hope you enjoy it! =D ♥


For a moment, unbeatable chance.Collapse )

music: the rasmus - night after night (out of the shadows)

Here is my Haruka FST requested by the adorable Glitteringloke on this meme. Most of the songs are kind of Haruka-to-Kantarou centric, but I hope you don't mind! Enjoy, sweetheart! ^^ ♥


You're something beautiful, a contradiction.Collapse )

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This is a Light/Sayu FST that I made for my lovely Sari, who requested on this meme. ♥ I hope you like it! It took me...three? four? days...to make this cover as close to perfect as I could. XD; I hope you like it, love!


You look up with arms wide open, then you smile and walk away.Collapse )

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Title: Of Tea and Men
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: Higuchi/Namikawa; Namikawa, Higuchi, mentions of the rest of Yotsuba and an OC.
Warnings: Language and sexual content. Namikawa being a prissy schoolboy.
Word Count: 3,088
Author’s Note: This is a weird take on the prompt, but the plot bunny would not stop eating away at me. XD;

'You know, Namikawa, real men don’t drink tea.'Collapse )

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It's Ishizu's birthday today! (There are some sources that say it's April 5th, but I'm going by the date used by her official fanlisting.) If I had incense at home, I would have burned some for her. Instead I just tried to act very calm and formal and failed miserably. At any rate, I did write another 100-word drabble using the prompt birthday for fanfic100. ♥

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Death Note
Yagami Light × 1
→ Mikami Teru × 2

Code Geass

→ Li Xingke × 4


→ Kaiba Seto × 3
→ Ishizu Ishtar × 2
→ Kaiba Seto & Kaiba Mokuba × 1
→ Kaiba Seto + Ishizu Ishtar × 1
→ Jounouchi Katsuya + Kujaku Mai × 2

Sharon Den Adel
→ Sharon den Adel × 3

The time has come, hide from the sun.Collapse )

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music: the rasmus - last generation

Title: Our Last Goodbye
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: subtle Mikami/Naomi. Mikami, Naomi; mentions of Ms. Mikami, Raye, and Kira.
Warnings: I messed with the storyline a bit, and took some creative liberties with Raye and his burial place.
Word Count: 4,396
Author’s Note: Wait, am I late? For Week #29, Wedding. (I guess this could work for crack pairings, too?)
In which I actually make a fic related to one of my canon? what canon? OTPs. This piece references Adventures of a Neurotic Courtesy Clerk in the respect that Mikami and Naomi have (briefly) encountered each other before.
The title comes from The Game by Lacuna Coil. Written for dn_contest, Week #50 - Revisit.

Any normal person would not stare dumbfounded at a woman as he simultaneously wondered if any dandruff was hidden underneath her jet-black hair.Collapse )

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