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June 2010
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Cassandra [userpic]
☆ friends only

My journal is a fairly random mix of fandom, real life, and everything in between.
Before adding me:

♠ Please be sure to check out my introduction post to see if we've got some common ground.

♥ Comment on my journal here and there, will you? If I haven't been able to comment on yours for a while, chances are you'll see me post an entry in which I apologize profusely.

♦ Don't be shy! I'd love to meet new people. =D Just be sure to comment on this post or get in contact with me in some way so I can add you back!

Graphics and (most) fanfictions will stay public.

Enjoy your stay! ♥


Hi there :)
I've read some of your stuff on ff.net and I thought I might add you on livejournal :D Hope that's ok with you ;)
I'm still new at this, so I'm not really sure how to use the whole friend adding part yet :/ Add me please? I'd love to get to know you :)

Hello, darling! ♥ That's completely okay with me! I love meeting new people. :D I haven't posted to FF.net in forever (I probably should, eventually), so the works I post onto LJ are much more current than what's on FF.net. I will add you as soon as I'm done commenting. Welcome to the world of an oddball! Enjoy your stay. ;D

Thank you ^.^ Oh yes please, I really hope you write something DN for ff.net soon :) I'm addicted to all your Light/Sayu stuff... addicted -__-

Hi! I read your intro post, and I'd like to friend you if that's okay. :) But, I have to warn you, I like TO comment so...if you don't like comments, probably we should just pretend I never asked..... ;)

A fan of Julian Casablancas, The Killers, Muse AND Death Note? Could you be any more brilliant? XD I don't mind comments in the least. I'm just sorry if I'm unable to ~pwopahly~ respond to them is all.

Consider yourself added!

Oi! Where have you been!

I was on your AIM friends list, ankhViserai.

Totally re-add me!

Ahh! I've missed you. ♥ I've logged onto AIM, but when I see that no one's online, I just log off. XD Do you have Yahoo? I'm on that more than AIM.

I'll add you right away~

taehly_x_cinneve for yahoo darling! <3